The Flexed Legs Training Straps

Sick of having cramps and soreness in your legs after a workout? 

Stop thinking you can't get a split or gain flexibility and get your flex on with The Flexed Legs Training Straps

The Flexed Legs Training Straps

  • Designed to give you the extra length and support you need for deep stretches and flexibility.

  • Lightweight and Portable enough to quickly throw inside your gym or travel bag for stretching while on the go.

  • Ease Of Use in 3 Steps:

    • Place door anchor over any sturdy door closure

    • Close the door and pull the strap through the D- ring

    • Place foot through the loop up to your ankle and pull opposite end of strap 

8 Reasons to work on your flexibility with The Flexed Legs Training Straps

  1. Flexibility as we get older decreases because we are simply not stretching and therefore increases our higher risks of injuries.

  2. You want to increase muscle coordination which increases your range of motion... especially if you're constantly in agressive sports training.

  3. Build your strength and stability by stretching your legs and improving your joint mobility and balance.

  4. muscle growth is supported by having the right amount of tension so that they're strong enough to support you and your movement which promotes post-workout healing of the muscle fibers.

  5. dynamic stretching as part of an exercise routine is recommended by health professionals it's particularly if you're doing activities such as running, kicking, striking, climbing and overall aggressive fitness training.

  6. correcting muscle imbalances requires a combination of strengthening the underactive muscles and stretching the overactive muscles  simultaneously.

  7. you will reduce your soreness and localized pain when your muscles are warmed up reducing tension within the muscle fibers and reducing muscle cramps.

  8. increasing muscle flexibility will increase your posture and balance as an a physical imbalances will be corrected through proper alignment.


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