The Muscle Stabilizer Sandbag for Full Body Functional Training (Up to 60lbs)

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The Muscle Stabilizer Sandbag for Full Body Functional Training

Ready to try something new in your full body workout regimen that is portable enough to travel with, yet gives you the versatility of increasing or decreasing the weight based on your weight bearing needs? 

The Muscle Stabilizer Sandbag for Full Body Functional Training needs to be part of your home or traveling gym arsenal.
  • Sandbag training is a full body functional gear that emphasizes on unstable, shifting load.
  • Provides dynamic and challenging training.
  • Engages your body's stabilizer muscles.
  • Builds coordinated strength and balance throughout your body.
  • Great for beginners reducing the risks of injury 
  • Simple and effective tool for unconventional training


  • Bag design: Comprised of a durable outer bag, with 3 inner bags (1x30lb, 1x20lb & 1x10lb Bag) which are filled with sand, rice, etc for weight. The handles on the bag are for essential movements like pulling drills, zercher cleans, and stabilized overhead positions. The two handles at the end are also necessary for rotational drills. With this simple set up, you can perform a variety of rotations, swings, and other movements normally restricted to Bulgarian bags.
  • Functional: Replicates odd object training in the real world by using the destabilizing nature of the sandbag while working your functional grip strength as well. Unlike typical workout implements, the sandbag's weight shifts and moves when you do, creating a much more dynamic and challenging workout. It requires you to utilize a variety of stabilization muscles that wouldn't typically be used for basic lifts, especially for higher repetitions.
  • Versatile: Can be used to replace barbells, kettlebells, clubs. Enhances a range of full body performance including conditionining, strength, explosiveness and power with one implement.
  • Size: 65 x 22cm at 3.75 lbs made of oxford fabric with premium double stitching for ultimate durability.


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